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Inside of lobby

"Very clean, easy free parking is a plus. Great time in a fun themed room. Lots of riddles to solve that had a great flow. Staff was incredibly friendly. We will definitely be back."- Sarah Woodward January 15, 2021


Do you think you and your group have what it takes to beat the clues and timer to escape one of our custom rooms?! Maybe you even have the skills to be one of our F.E.A.R Record Champions?!

The only way to find out is by booking your Cincinnati Escape Room Experience now!

Cincinnati Escape Room is a family owned and operated business located conveniently in Longworth Hall, right on the river, in downtown Cincinnati! Featuring 3 custom designed and built rooms, and constantly changing escape clues, you are sure to face a new challenge to conquer every time you visit us at Cincinnati Escape Room!

Please explore the site, check out the rooms, and make sure to sign up for our weekly email Escape Riddle for a chance to get a discounted escape experience and other prizes!

Now is the time to decide... Do you have what it takes?!

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